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Luce Sapphire Series

Time:2013-09-11       Browse:665

Yamei Sapphire Brackets made by monocrystalline ceramic, are an invaluable product for Orthodontists who want an aesthetic solution for their practices, one that will deliver super results for patients in need of mild, moderate or significant tooth movement and unprecedented treatment control. 


Silica Coating

- More Durability, Less Breakage

- Excellent sliding, the same asMetalBrackets

More Aesthetic

- Superior Transparency: Not onlyflatsurface but also rounded edge

- No discoloration by food

Base Curvature

- The most suitable curvature forteeth


- Low profile

- Minimal contact to soft tissue

- Smooth surface & Rounded wing

Circular BaseTreatment

- Stable Bonding & Easy deboning

Unique Bonding Base:

Granule Coating on the bracket base 

Not Excessive, not Deficient Base Coating: Stable Bonding & Easy Debonding

Optimal Granule Size: Surface Tension maximization & homogenization

Optional Specifications:

1. Edgewise / Roth / MBT

2. 0.018" slot / 0.022" slot

3. W/O Hook / Cuspid W/Hooks / 345 W/Hooks

Technical Data: